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Welcome to the best job you'll ever have.

Trying to sift through the noise to find a job you love at a great company may be the hardest thing you'll do this year. We get it. We've been there.

Who are we?

DearDoc is different from most companies

Our team has created unique and innovative ways to help doctors succeed in their competitive environments. Some of these things include Amazon alexa integrations, artificial intelligent receptionist, 5-star review generating, and so much more. Our passion can be felt miles away, and we wake up everyday doing what we can to make our customers lives better.

We're customer obsessed

Every decision we make; every action we take; it all has the customer in mind. When we eat, drink, or sleep, we're always thinking of better ways to make our customers lives better.

We think differently

The enemy of great is average. We are always thinking outside the box, and of unique ways to run our business and create value for our customers. We are always challenging the status quo.

We have fun

We don't want to become one of those big companies that feels corporate and boring. We want to be able to laugh at ourselves. We look for both fun and humor in our daily work. This means that many things we do might be a little unconventional.

Culture, Reinvented

We believe a company is only as good as its people, and our people are second to none. Driven, intelligent, agile, and hard-working, every member of the DearDoc family loves what they do and who they do it with. Knowledge is the cornerstone without which progress is impossible. Our work environment promotes learning and demands constant improvement. Oh, and we have a lot of fun.

Where we've been featured

We're extremely honored to be featured on some of the biggest publications!

Perks of being on the team

Aside from having some of the best co-workers in the world, you'll also enjoy a lot of the perks that our team LOVES. Here are just a few;

Generous compensation plans

Gym memberships

Bi-weekly happy hours

Great Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance packages

Unlimited paid time off

Team Night Outs

401K match

Citibike membership

So much more!!!

Current Jobs at DearDoc

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